P440 Sweet Spot v0.9.4 WiN MAC-MORiA

P440 Sweet Spot v0.9.4 WiN MAC-MORiA

P440 Sweet Spot WiN MAC

MORiA | 27 April 2023 | 177.1 MB


P440 Sweet Spot You have very likely heard words similar to the following uttered many times about mastering: “it makes the music come to life” or “it is the final polish that transitions into something breathtaking” or “It is like… magic!”. The wizardry lies in the hands of the practitioner of course, but surely, as all wizards wield an unassuming yet infinitely powerful device that is a conduit between their mystical knowledge and the physical world, so does the mastering engineer. To the wizard, it is the magic wand and to the mastering engineer, it is the equalizer.

Forget everything you have been taught about “High Passing” frequencies below 30Hz, and welcome to Sweet Tremor boosting infrasonic frequencies! Attenuate frequencies and you end up with a punchier and open sound! Boost frequencies and end up with sweet cotton candy all over your ears! Scream in horror when you check in Plugin Doctor the low shelf at 200 Hz or the high shelf at 2 kHz with a “stairway to heaven” graph, but then melt in your chair when you listen to it- like candy on a hot summer day. Nothing makes sense …visually but your ears tell you otherwise. P440 Sweet Spot will let you rethink what an EQ can do. P440… your mystical magic wand.

Organic hardware-like feel & behavior.
3 Band EQ combining fixed and proportional Q.
New Tremor circuit.
Custom Shelving curves.
LP & HP filters with resonance.
Zero sample latency!
Dual-mono behavior from within the plugin.
All parameters are exposed to your DAW for automation.
macOS: Silicon ready AU, AAX and VST3 formats.
Windows: VST3 and AAX formats.
Linux LV2 format coming soon!

Release Notes:
BETA Version 0.9.4 Apr. 25, 2023
– OS delay compensation corrected.
– Resonance hunting (Right Click) now works with Fine-tune slider, as well.
– On Mouseover, Value of the knob or slider is displayed in the VALUE display window.
– Value display window is no longer editable.
– Fine-Tune Mid Band now allows up to ±200 Hz (instead of 100) to cover a wider area.
– Fine-Tune Freq. displays the offset value as you click and drag then switches to the net freq. value of the band.
– Protecting the Fine-tune negative value from taking the Band Freq. point below 1 Hz.
– Implemented the 24 steps Freq. knob (it was 23 steps on the GUI)

Pending Issues:
– Metering values still need some work.
– Issues with WaveLab Pro.
– Some Bitwig & Live users report crashes.

INFO/DEMO/BUY: https://mage.si/DbPqg
P440 Sweet Spot v0.9.4 WiN MAC-MORiA
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