D.A Plugins Bundle v2020.02 WiN-R2R

D.A Plugins Bundle v2020.02 WiN

Team R2R | 21.02.2020 | 38.77 MB


* DeeChannelTool v1.0.0
* DeeComp v2.5.0
* DeeCrystal v1.0.0
* DeeEQ v1.0.3
* DeeFat v2.5.0
* DeeFX v1.1.2
* DeeGain v1.1.0
* DeeGate v1.1.1
* DeeGraphComp v1.0.0
* DeeMMax v1.5.2
* DeeMax v2.6.0
* DeePanpot v2.1.1
* DeeSideIn v1.0.0
* DeeSpeaker v1.0.5
* DeeSubBass v1.0.2
* DeeTrim v2.5.0
* DeeWider v2.0.0

New product have been released!
Subbass generator “DeeSubBass” !
DeeSubBass is SubBass Generator that brings the Super heavy Bass!
-Select a song key to automatically generate a sub bass.
-DRIVE gives the sub bass overtones with fat overdrive.
-High-pass filter adjusts the crossover with the original sound.
-High-precision oscillator that calculates waveforms with 64-bit double precision.
-A Gnarly graphics like a 80’s Anime.

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/ss13
D.A Plugins Bundle v2020.02 WiN-R2R