GP4 v4.0.51 macOS

SPTNDC | 02 June 2021 | 178.1 MB

With the Version 4 update, GP®’s user interface gets a facelift, with new widgets, drum pads, a sustain pedal, optimized performance for touch screens, and much more. The new Global rackspace allows you to share your most-used effects globally across all your rackspaces just like you can in your DAW—but even more intuitively. Instead of inserting effects in every rackspace, simply insert them once in the Global Rackspace and all your local rackspaces will have access to them. The new Scaling Curves allow you to control the shape of the output of a widget or convert an incoming note velocity to a new velocity. Other fantastic upgrades include things like an expanded virtual wiring view and a native MIDI File Player.

– Runs ANY AU/VST2/VST3 plugins!
– Intuitive user interface: simply connect any plugin to any other plugin in any configuration—no confusing busses, sends or inserts
– Control all your software synths, samplers, and sequencers— as well as effects—directly from the sliders, knobs, and switches on your instruments
– Using a MIDI pedalboard, you can freely switch between multiple amp/cabinet models and digital effects in real-time
– Instantaneous glitch-free switching between sounds—even while holding notes — for a seamless transition from one song to the next or from one part of a song to another
– Easily add compression, EQ and other desired effects to your live vocals
– Set-lists let you effortlessly change sounds and entire plugin setups for every part of every song of every gig
– Run multiple GP instances simultaneously, allowing different members of a band to access different plugin setups independently!
– Build Set-lists that automatically change to the right sound for each part of the song in your lists
– Live sound engineers can use GP to intercept audio coming from the FOH or monitor system, add desired effects processing, and then send the results directly back to the mixing board
– Record multichannel audio from the mixing board for later processing and mixing in your favorite DAW
– Runs on both Mac (OS X) and Windows platforms so you can create, share, and modify your files on any computer, even if some plugins are missing GP 3
– Templates (Plugin Alliance version only): Templates are collections of preconfigured Gig files designed for different musical needs. They can be used as-is or as starting points from which you can create new tailored Gig files
– Build fully customizable Rackspaces consisting of one or more front panels
– Learn mode for easy assignment of MIDI controls to widgets and widgets to plugin parameters
– Support for ChordPro. Create and edit ChordPro song documents, and set each to be automatically displayed when its song is selected in the setlist
– Automatic mixing of signals when multiple outputs are connected to a single input