jBridgeM v0.89c macOS-HY2ROG3N

jBridgeM v0.89c macOS-HY2ROG3N

jBridgeM v0.89c macOS

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jBridgeM is a generic VST bridge for Mac OS X VST hosts/plugins (up to the VST 2.4 specification). jBridgeM aims to make it possible to run 32bit bit VST plugins in 64 bit VST hosts and vice-versa, as well as do 32bit to 32bit bridging, allowing you to use all the available RAM in your machine, overcome the memory limitations of your 32bit VST host, or use your favorite 32bit plugins in your 64bit VST host.


  • – Mac OS X 10.6 or above (Intel Mac only, PPC not supported)
  • – Lots of RAM



  • – This software is still in beta stage (and under very active development)


jBridgeM v0.89c:

– Fixed a bug where the settings for 32bit plugins would be saved in the 64bit plugin folder.
– A few bug/crash fixes.
– Added compatibility tweaks for some plugins.
– Improved compatibility with AppNap (OSX Mavericks).
– Fixed problem with sidechaining capabilities detection and some plugins in Cubase.
– Improved overall stability.

INFO/DEMO/BUY: https://mage.si/69PZ
jBridgeM v0.89c macOS-HY2ROG3N