Sononym v1.4.2 x64 WiN-R4E


Sononym v1.4.2 x64 WiN-R4E

Sononym v1.4.2 x64 WiN

TEAM R4E | 24 October 2022 | 102.75MB

.: The Best Sample Browser :.

Sononym is a sample browser that offers a fresh perspective on how sounds can be explored and organized. The software is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Audio Analysis
Ask Sononym to analyze a folder, and all available information – tempo, pitch, amount of noise, harmonic content, etc. – is collected from your files and stored in a database. This ensures blazing fast access as you search, filter and sort your way through vast amounts of samples.

Similarity Search
Similarity search enables you to find similar-sounding samples in your sample collection. Basically, pick any sound as input and “see where it takes you” – finding variations has never been this easy. For more control, you can determine how much individual aspects (e.g. similarity across pitch or timbre) should matter.

Smart Categorization
While analyzing your samples, the software uses machine learning to categorize the content. The default set of categories in Sononym are broadly based around electronic music production and describe distinctive groups of sounds such as ‘snare drums’ or ‘synth pads’. In addition, all sounds are classified as either looped or non-looped (one-shot) sounds.

Bookmarking & Exporting
Sononym combines bookmarking and exporting into a single workflow. You can freely organize, tag and rename your bookmarked files in projects, which are automatically exported to a folder of your choice. We believe that picking out sounds of interest and making them available elsewhere should be an effortless thing to do.

What’s New
(Sononym 1.4)
• Library Search
• Find Duplicate Patterns
• Filter by Multiple Categories
• Edit BPM and Note Properties
• Hide from Search Results
• Search: Exclude Term
• More Search Options
• More Columns in Search Results
• New Keyboard Shortcuts
• Other important fixes and improvements:
Fixed: ASIO buffer size sometimes changing on launch.
Fixed: stability improvements, particularly on macOS.
Fixed: under some circumstances, a missing library could not be located.
Fixed: focus not retained after renaming items in project.
Fixed: assets deleted in explore mode not pulled when browsing root path.
Fixed: project folder tree shortcuts for expanding/collapsing nodes.
Fixed: quoted (literal) search terms not always preserved on location change.
Fixed: unable to drag files with broken links around in projects.
Fixed: changing more than 5000 favorites at once would throw an error.
Changed: Alt modifier to scroll-lock is replaced with “always lock to selected”.
Added: Offline documentation in PDF format (available from help menu).
Added: Improvements to how missing/moved-around libraries are handled.
Added: [Projects] drag a file onto an empty panel to create a new project
Several usability tweaks and improvements under the hood.

Sononym v1.4.2 x64 WiN-R4E
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