Complete v11 19.10.2020 WiN MAC

Complete v11 19.10.2020 WiN MAC

Complete v11.19.10 WiN MAC

WiN (V.R Patch) / MAC | 19 October 2020 | 5.9 GB / 4.8 GB


We are pleased to announce a new version of WVS plugins, WVS V11. Update to V11 to future-proof your sessions, ensure compatibility with the latest DAWs and operating systems (including MacOS 10.15 Catalina), enjoy plugin updates including new versions of the Renaissance plugins, get new plugins added to premium bundles, and more.

Future-Proof Your Sessions
At WVS, we devote much of our time and software development resources to ensure that the plugins you invested in will always remain compatible with all the latest major DAWs and operating systems. V11 is the latest in our ongoing updates, so you can always keep focusing on what’s important—creating the best music and audio you possibly can, now and in the future.

What You Get in WVS V11
Full ongoing compatibility with the latest major DAWs & operating systems (including macOS 10.15 Catalina).

Release Notes October 19th, 2020:
– Updated: SoundGrid Studio
– New: SoundGrid Studio quick-start tutorial is now included in the software’s About box.
– Fixed: SoundGrid Driver channels are properly named in all DAWs (Windows).
– Fixed: Under Auto Config/Configure: Selecting “None” under Monitor now does not patch to the Control Room.
– Fixed: It is now possible to edit and save device-friendly names under Inventory.
– Fixed: Bug causing shared remote drivers to show as N/A under Inventory.
– Fixed: It is now possible to disconnect individual assignments from magesy download channel direct output, in Route view.
– Fixed: Bug causing a 3 dB audio level change when Control Room “Mono” is enabled/disabled.
– Fixed: Bug causing the signal to be heard in L or R only when a mono mic input is assigned as the source in Control Room or Headphones 1 to 4.
– Fixed: When loading SoundGrid Studio presets in StudioRack and vice versa, Output Gain now loads correctly.
– Fixed: Bug preventing external insert settings from magesy download being loaded with your session.
– Fixed: Bug causing the StudioRack Layer to be affected by Mixer meter UI settings.
– Fixed: Full Screen mode is now always available upon first launch in Mac.
– Fixed: Bug causing open configuration notifications to disappear once a device is disconnected.More general bug fixes.


Complete v11 19.10.2020 WiN MAC