Modulation Bundle 2020.10 macOS

Modulation Bundle 2020.10 macOS

Modulation Bundle 2020 macOS

P2P | 9 October 2020 | 540 MB


Analog Sound In Motion

A vibrant trio of essential modulation effects based on elusive analog classics. Bathe your mix in stunning analog chorus, rich multi-mode flanger and swirling dual phaser – dreamy textures await. Modulation FX You’ll Actually Use Color your mix with a selection of irresistible and instantly recognisable effects. These are no ordinary modulation plugins; they’re circuit-accurate emulations of time-tested classics, meticulously engineered to capture every tonal nuance of their hardware predecessors. Ever-changing, ever-inspiring We see modulation as a journey without a destination. You start with a dry signal. You switch the effect on and take your first step. The journey evolves, twisting and turning in interesting and enticing ways. When you switch the effect off, you’re back where you started – ready to take the journey all over again.

• Chorus DIMENSION-D v1.0.1.2204
• Flanger BL-20 v1.0.1.2203
• Phaser BI-TRON v1.0.1.2205

Modulation Bundle 2020.10 macOS