TONEX MAX v1.0.3 WiN-R2R


TONEX MAX v1.0.3 WiN-R2R

TONEX MAX v1.0.3 WiN

Team R2R | 20 November 2022 | 1.34 GB


AI Machine Modeled tone creator, player, browser

Experience hyper-realistic Tone Models. A revolutionary concept in rig modeling, and the core of the TONEX ecosystem, TONEX software uses breakthrough AI Machine Modeling™ technology to let you model the sound of any amp, cabinet, combo or pedal, and turn it into a plug-in, all with a sonic accuracy that’s virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.

You can instantly play up to 1,000+ Tone Models already available plus browse, demo and download the growing number of Tone Models available on TONEX in ToneNET. From rare one-of-a-kind vintage amps to modern rigs, TONEX makes it possible and affordable to own the most sought-after gear in the world.

TONEX MAX v1.0.3 WiN-R2R
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