EZkeys v1.3.3 CE With ELECTRONIC POP Addon-V.R

EZkeys v1.3.3 CE With ELECTRONIC POP Addon-V.R

EZkeys v1.3.3 CE With ELECTRONIC POP Addon-V.R

EZkeys v1.3.3 WiN + ELECTRONiC POP

Team V.R | 05 April 2022 | 3.48 GB

.: (Win32/64; AAX*, VSTi, STANDALONE):.

EZkeys Electronic Pop presents an awe-inspiring patchwork of sounds specifically suited for modern electronic music production. It features upwards of 200 individually crafted sonic textures engineered by Timofey Reznikov, DJ, producer and composer from Belgium with cuts on platinum-selling albums by the likes of David Guetta, Regi and Dimitri Vegas. Covering anything from sounds based on hybrids of classic keyboards to creatively engineered effects, it was designed to offer a toolbox of the absolute go-to essentials. The library includes 11 main categories of sounds which all feature its own unique selection of ready-made presets. Expect a sonic palette of basses, leads, electronic pianos and textured pads as well as all the quintessential chord stabs, plucks, falls, risers and vocal chops you need. Get ready for the ultimate must-have and one-stop-shop synth for your modern pop productions. Welcome to your new creative getaway.

The sounds are organized in 11 main categories, each featuring a collection of its own unique ready-made preset sounds. Each patch has a dedicated set of controls which can be modified by you, the user.

In excess of 30 synth bass sounds covering the entire range from plucky to deep and vocoded.

The absolute EDM staple – classic stabs in major and minor 7. Five of them, to be exact!

Ten unique falls covering the whole gamut from soft, mellow and drone-like to wild and distorted.

From white noise-, sci-fi- and siren-like to outright spooky, here’s a sonic buffé of 20 effect sounds!

Soft, gritty, mean, wonky, sharp, classic, out-there – these 40 textured synths cover it all!

What’s a hook without a proper lead sound? Here are 40 of them, custom-dialed at that!

14 unique pads for anything from smooth, velvety and ethereal to dark, enigmatic and menacing.

Three electronic pianos shaped and engineered for that sharp, edgy and cut-through tone.

From airy and bright to synthetic and frequency modulated – 15 variations of plucking perfection!

A drop is nothing without a proper riser. Here are ten quintessential energy-builders!

Yeahs, ohs, ahs and more! Ten custom-engineered gems of this must-have ingredient.

•A multi-instrument featuring a wide range of sounds
•Based on hybrid textures of classic synths, electronic pianos, basses and more
•Also includes effects like vocal chops, falls, risers and more
•Ideal for anything from house, techno, pop and hip-hop to creative soundscapes and sound design

INFO/DEMO/BUY: https://mage.si/Z0BH7
EZkeys v1.3.3 CE With ELECTRONIC POP Addon-V.R
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