Cakewalk Sonitus FX Plugin Suite v3.3.1.0 VST DXi WiN-DOA

Cakewalk Sonitus FX Plugin Suite v3.3.1.0 VST DXi WiN-DOA

Sonitus FX Plugin Suite v3 VST DXi

Team: DOA | 03.10.2009 | 4 MB

Sonitus:fx are a series of professional audio processing tools for digital audio editing, sound design, games, multimedia, film or studio work. These plug-ins have been enhanced with DirectX automation, and can be use with SONAR, Home Studio, Project5 or any application supporting DirectX or VST. The suite includes 10 effects: Delay, Compressor, Parametric EQ, Multiband Compressor, Reverb, Gate, Wah Wah, Modulator, Phase, Surround.

The Sonitus:fx plug-ins all share the following common features:

  • * The plug-ins all share a clean and intuitive user interface, similar controls, keyboard shortcuts and toolbar functionality for Bypass, Undo/Redo, A/B comparison, parameter Reset, Preset management and Help file access.
  • * DirectX plug-in parameter automation
  • * The built-in Preset Manager lets you create and use presets in ALL host applications


Included Plug-ins:

  • * fx:compressor
  • * fx:delay (with tempo sync)
  • * fx:equalizer (parametric)
  • * fx:gate
  • * fx:modulator
  • * fx:multiband (compressor)
  • * fx:phase
  • * fx:reverb
  • * fx:surround
  • * fx:wahwah