Refined Audiometrics PLParEQ VST v2.24 PROPER-ASSiGN



PLParEQ v2.24 VST x86 WiN

Team ASSiGN | 02 AUGUST 2010 | 4.85 MB

PLParEQ is a 10-band Phase-Linear Parametric Equalizer of the highest quality. Each filter may assume any of many different filter characteristics, and operate in either traditional phase-warping mode, or our phase-linear mode. It uses the same internal DSP core as all of our other high-end products. Audio streams are treated in either stereo or mono. Individual filters can be applied to either or both stereo channels, middle only, or side only. Phase Linear Operation is achieved by processing your sound in both the forward-time and reverse-time directions through classic filters – all in realtime. This completely removes the phase warping caused by IIR filtering, and applies their roll-off twice. So each filter type becomes two: one for classic IIR filtering, and the other for Phase-Linear operation.


Product Features:

  • Highest quality parametric equalization.
  • Selectable phase-linear or traditional filtering.
  • 10 Bands and 22 Classic Filter Types.
  • Selectable filtering: stereo, left, right, left+right, middle, side, or middle+side.
  • Output stereo, left, right, middle, or side.
  • Frequencies from 10 Hz to 30 kHz.
  • Gains from -20 dB to +20 dB.
  • Q’s from 0.20 to 20.
  • Choice of K-20, K-18, K-17, K-14, or K-12 RMS-wide metering.
  • 7 different quality levels.
  • Group enable/disable for instant A/B.
  • Low rate audio is upsampled by 2x, filtered, and then downsampled.
  • Filter table display settings in effect for all filters.
  • Live graph permits mouse dragging of frequency, gain and Q.
  • Flobal attenuation/gain control for -20 dB to +20 dB.
  • Uses highest quality data windowing.
  • Sinc interpolation on upsampling.
  • Performs 8-fold temporal overlap processing.
  • Sample rates from 44.1 kHz to 192 kHz.
  • Internal 64-bit floating-point processing throughout.
  • Samples are TPDF dithered back to 24-bits on output.
  • All parameters are fully automatable.
  • Measured IMD and noise floor below -150 dBFS.
  • 64-Bit capable for Sonar.
  • PC/Windows VST Plugin—optimized for Windows 7 and Intel Pentium Processor multi-core architecture.
  • Available Filter Types.
  • 2-Pole Resonant LowPass, HighPass, BandPass, Band Reject, and AllPass.
  • 1-Pole LowPass and HighPass.
  • 4-Pole Resonant LowPass and HighPass.
  • Classic low and high shelving.
  • Type 1, 2, and Oxford-style peaking filters.
  • 3 dB/octave LowPass and HighPass.
  • 1/F, A-weighted, B-weighted, and C-weighted filters.
  • 6-pole notch filter.


Now the quality setting works fine.

Refined Audiometrics Laboratory PLParEQ VST v2.24 PROPER-ASSiGN
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